Elf Workshop

Nutmeg the elf will help you build your toy

1. Find your Elf Name

Locate the Elf certificate in your pack, look at the back and work out your Elf name. Fill this name onto your Elf Certificate.

2. Check you have everything you need.

  • Teddy (unstuffed), Floof (stuffing), Teddy bag, Heart, Chocolate lolly
  • A grown up with a pair of scissors.

3. Open up the FLOOF

Using scissors (& the nearest grown up) open up the floof package and pull out the floof. Gently pull the floof apart so it’s extra soft & fluffy.

4. Start stuffing your teddy

  • Find the little white sack inside your teddy on his back (don’t touch the cable tie just yet).
  • Start pushing the floof into the white sack all the way down the teddy’s legs & tail first. Make sure to get right down to its toes!
  • When you have finished the legs and tail use the rest of the floof for the body. When you’ve used all the floof give your teddy a big cuddle to check its cuddle-ability.

5. Make a wish

  • Find your teddy’s heart, hold it in your hands and whisper your wish.
  • Pop the heart into your teddy’s tummy.

6. Finishing touches

  • Find the white cable tie on the edge of the white sack and pull it tight.
  • Ask a grown up to cut the long end of the cable tie and tuck the white sack into the teddy’s body.
  • Peel off the material strip covering one side of the Velcro & seal your teddy closed.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are an AMAZING Elf. Now it’s time to name your teddy and enjoy your chocolate.

Merry Christmas from everyone at The Ark Open Farm, including Santa and his Elves.